2014 Barbie Single Fashion Packs


2014 CFX66


2014 CFX67Model  wears  shoes from a Complete Look fashion pack and her own earrings.



2014 CFX68




2014 CFX69


2014 CFX70



2014 CFX74



2014 CFX75


2014 CFX78



2014 CFX86



2014 CFX88


2014 CFX91




2014 CLL58





2014 CLR00





2014 CLR01




2014 CLR02




2014 CLR03





2014 CLR04





2014 CLR05





2014 CMV42





2014 CMV43





2014 CMV44




2014 CMV45





2014 CMV46


2014 CMV52.This pack contains a light blue cotton knit cropped length top that has a natural cream cotton lace edging on the hemline and sleeves. It has a velcro fastening at the back. It will also fit Curvy Barbie.




2014 CMV55 NRFB+IRL+Modelled

Peachy pink toned skirt has a cream lace over skirt while underneath is a polka dot cotton print. It fastens at the back with velcro.