Get the look…

That Trench coat!

Barbiestyle - Mattel 2014

“At the famous Dominique Ansel Bakery seeing how a Cronut gets made! …” – barbiestyle on instagram

Barbiestyle at Westminster Abbey - Mattel 2015

” Cheerio London! You’ve been great…” – barbiestyle on instagram















Barbiestyle - Mattel 2014

“Giving today’s leopard print bag its moment in the ‘spot’ light! ” – barbiestyle on instagram

Barbiestyle - Mattel 2014

‘…it’s great to be back home…” – barbiestyle on instagram














Barbiestyle - Mattel 2014

A perfect London look styled by Rachel Zoe – barbiestyle on instagram

¬†Finding the pieces to get the look…

The Trench Coat

The Trench Coat

Best match for Trench Coat

Best Matches for style, with fabric and button variations


2011 Barbie Loves Frank Sinatra Pants

The black and white tailored check pants and black belt

2011 T7908 Sinatra Barbie NRFB + Promo

Exact Match


That bag

That bag…


Coach Classic Penny - barbiestyle on instagram - Mattel 2014

…is this bag! A Coach Classic Penny. – photo from barbiestyle on Instagram

These miniature Coach bags are on many a wish list!





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