Is your Barbie Doll wardrobe empty?

It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap plastic or a collector item – an empty wardrobe needs clothes in it to bring it to life!

Image from 'You Care' shop on Ali Express [empty and full]]

Image from ‘YouCare Shop No.1’ on Ali Express [empty and full]]

2012 Y3354 - 'The Barbie Look' Wardrobe [emptyand full]]

2012 Y3354 – ‘The Barbie Look’ Wardrobe [empty and full]]

2003 B1328 'Barbie Fashion Model Collector' Wardrobe [empty and full]

2003 B1328 ‘Barbie Fashion Model Collector’ Wardrobe [empty and full]

Here are some links to other great wardrobes that Collectors have put together




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